BioVinĀ® Bovine Bone - Osteogenetic biomaterial for bone replacement

With BioVin® Bovine Bone, OT medical GmbH offers its users an innovative bone replacement material that was specially developed for bone regeneration during reconstructive surgery.

BioVin® Bovine Bone is a highly bioactive bone replacement material consisting of a natural mineral matrix of bovine origin and an dditional bioactive microcoating with resorbable polymers and porcine derived collagen fragments.
Resorbable polymers improve the mechanical properties of hydroxyapatite: in the first few months after the material has
been introduced into the defect, they provide protection against resorption and thus ensure optimum volume stability. Porcine
derived collagen fragments promote cell adhesion.

The composition of BioVin® Bovine Bone guarantees biomechanical properties and promotes the osteogenic process for an optimal nd fast osseointegration.

Due to its unique manufacturing process, BioVin® Bovine Bone offers high volume stability and builds the optimal matrix for newly orming bones and vessels.