CAD / CAM for the OT-F2 and the OT-F3 implant systems

Digital technologies such as Guided Surgery and CAD/CAM are in the foreground of OT medical. CAD/CAM scanbodies and -Preforms for the OT-F²-screw implant and the short OT-F³ porous, press-fit implant expands the abutment diversity of the two prosthetic compatible implant systems and offer the user the ability to produce patient-specific CAD/CAM designed superstructures.

The prefabricated original FOURBYFOUR® interface guarantees you a safe and high-precision implant to abutment connection.

The data required for designing individual and precise implant prosthetics are available in our CAD library located on our website for download. The library is a prerequisite for the individual design and manufacture of one-piece titanium or hybrid abutments, and various bar and bridge constructions for the CAD/CAM procedure.

CAD software libraries

•    3Shape®
•    exocad®
•    Dental Wings®